Rental Photo Equipment

rental photo equipment

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rental photo equipment - Drive Medical

Drive Medical 790 Steerable Knee Walker

Drive Medical 790 Steerable Knee Walker

The drie medical steerable knee walker allows you to get around without crutchs for indiiduals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation and ulsers of the foot. it can be steered for increase mobility. knee pad can be adjusted toolfree from 18.8" to 21.8". ez handle height adjustment is also toolfree. deluxe dual lever brakes ensure safety. the leg pads have channels which proide added stability and comfort. 8' casters are idea for indoor/outdoor use. sturdy dual frame adds stability and allows the 300lb capacity. lifetime warranty on brake cable. limited lifetime warranty.

75% (7)

cce EXC CX B Series CX160B photo 10

cce EXC CX B Series  CX160B photo 10

Common rail Tier III engines reduce vibration and noise and deliver increased horsepower and fuel efficiency.

Faster cycle times deliver a substantial increase in productivity.

Pressurized, isolation-mounted cab and quiet engine reduces the rated noise level by 4.7 dBa compared to previous models.

Three work modes: Automatic, Heavy and Speed Priority are available on the right hand console for simplified machine operation.

Auto Power Boost increases standard bucket digging forces by 10 percent to get you through the toughest spots with the greatest ease.

Control pattern change kit helps meet rental customer needs.

Excellent visibility to attachments overhead or in the trench thanks to narrow posts on the cab and a one-piece right-hand window with a clear view to the inside of the right track.

Extended service intervals provide maximum uptime for your machine.

Ground level fluid checks make daily maintenance quick and easy.

Alan Gordon's & Glidecam's Booth at Photo Cine Expo 2010

Alan Gordon's & Glidecam's Booth at Photo Cine Expo 2010

Alan Gordon Enterprises shared a booth with Glidecam Industries at the Photo Cine Expo that took place Sept. 25th and 26th, 2010 at the L.A. Film School in Hollywood, CA. Several employees from Alan Gordon Enterprises represented both A-G-E and Glidecam through demos, seminars and exhibiting products. TIm Dillard (A-G-E rental manager) is seen here answering inquiries regarding the Glidecam HD 2000 and the Canon 7D. Models of Glidecams on display were the X-22, the HD 2000 & 4000 sleds with the X-10 vest and support arm system.

rental photo equipment

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