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Medical Equipment Tenders

medical equipment tenders

    medical equipment
  • Medical equipment is designed to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical conditions. These devices are usually designed with rigorous safety standards. The medical equipment is included in the category Medical technology.

  • Charges for the purchase of equipment used in providing medical services and care. Examples include monitors, x-ray machines, whirlpools.

  • any medical equipment used to enable mobility and functionality (e.g. wheel chair, hospital bed, traction apparatus, Continuous Positive Air Pressure machines, etc.).

  • An offer to carry out work, supply goods, or buy land, shares, or another asset at a stated fixed price

  • (tender) something that can be used as an official medium of payment

  • (tender) given to sympathy or gentleness or sentimentality; "a tender heart"; "a tender smile"; "tender loving care"; "tender memories"; "a tender mother"

  • (tender) offer or present for acceptance

September 20

September 20

Skeptical of her parents' decision to "re-side" their Long Island home with polyvinyl chloride (PVC)--the seemingly benign cure-all of suburbia--Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Judith Helfand set out with co-director Daniel B. Gold to discover the truth behind the potentially toxic effects of the material, which is used in building everything from automobiles to computers, medical equipment, and children's toys. With a tender-hearted agenda and a piece of blue vinyl siding firmly in hand, Helfand and Gold travel to the vinyl-manufacturing capital in Louisiana, enlist the help of a "green" builder in California, and journey as far as Venice, Italy--where 31 executives from a PVC-producing company await trial for manslaughter in a landmark conspiracy case.

Unexpectedly taking twists and turns in a filmmaking pursuit that most ordinary homeowners would never dare to take, BLUE VINYL is a heartfelt, sobering, and shockingly hilarious exploration of the complex relationship between consumers and industry.

Tender Moments

Tender Moments

Dive tenders, the lowest forms of life in the commercial diving world, but some of the most important to diving operations. Although certified divers, tenders are usually assigned a diver for whom they do just about everything in efforts to learn the work offshore. Their divers can throw them dive crumbs, allowing the tenders to actually dive, but for the most part they haul hoses, prepare and clean gear, and get the coffee or cigarettes, much as a feudal serf role. Within a year or two, they will 'break out', entering the field as full-fledged divers, where the cycle will begin anew.

medical equipment tenders

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